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Our Auctioneers are highly sought after for their expert skills and knowledge. We have steadily built a reputation for excellence through passion and dedication.

We are passionate about people. Our Auctioneers understand the psychology of buying and selling, and how to use that to your advantage on auction day. It takes skill to read the crowd, create energy, and push bidders to their limits. We are driven to continually expand our knowledge of property, sales, and local markets - because we know that success takes planning as well as personality.

We live and breathe auctions. The power of our focus gives us an edge: there are no distractions, no other interests competing against our desire to get the very best result.

Our passion for excellence is reflected in our vision of steady growth; our reputation depends on ensuring we continually deliver to the highest professional standards. As an independent auction company, our business is built on reputation, and our reputation is built on consistent quality and results.

The power of our focus gives us an edge.

/ Ricky Briggs